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Used or Reconditioned Epifluorescence Microscopes

Research and results in the medical or scientific fields are only as good as the equipment being used to collect data. When studying the properties of organic or inorganic substances, only the most efficient microscopes will suffice. Spach Optics is proud to offer used microscopes for fluorescence microscopy at prices that fit within budgets for laboratories, educational institutions and assorted scientific research facilities.

Buy fluorescence microscopes in excellent condition from Spach Optics to truly collect the data and information necessary for procedures of all levels. Our refurbished, used fluorescence microscopes are reliable when looking to generate an image of specimens for examination. We carry major brands, including Olympus and Nikon, two of the most trusted names in scientific equipment.

Spach Optics, based out of Rochester, New York, proudly serves the science, education and manufacturing communities by providing affordable options for reconditioned microscopes and equipment. Our items are all refurbished or in like-new condition, thoroughly checked by our staff and in working order. Avoid auction sites and buy directly from us. We accept university purchase orders, too! Call today at 866-486-6791 and request a quote!