Located in the optics capital of the world, Rochester NY, Spach Optics Inc. specializes in reconditioned Olympus, Nikon, Leica & Zeiss microscopes & accessories. If what you are looking for is not on our website, please give us a call or send an email & we will find it for you. Thank you for visiting!




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Spach Optics

For the Best Microscopes & Parts for Microscopes!

Science depends on accuracy. When exploring for conclusions to questions, itís the calculations and information that matter most. The numbers and data must be perfect. At Spach Optics, we offer reconditioned microscopes for sale to assist in all scientific research procedures. In addition, we stock replacement parts for microscopes by most of the top brands.

Based in Rochester, NY, Spach Optics was founded with intentions to provide online solutions for those seeking the best used microscopes for sale, or those looking to buy microscope parts without any hassle. We pride ourselves on not just our ability to supply hard-to-find items for brands, but also the 1-year warranty with each purchase. The knowledge of our staff stretches back decades on all models due to industry expertise. Plus, all items are reconditioned or like-new, completely checked and in working order, which may not be so easily relied on with other online stores catering to the refurbished microscopes and parts market.

For those involved in scientific research or fields requiring material inspection, Spach Optics welcomes you to browse our site. Our selection of used microscopes from the best brands is topnotch, as is our inventory of replacement parts and industry experience. Call us at 866-486-6791 and request a quote today!